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Waterpark Job

Story by Mika

Just after my 18th birthday I went to a job interview at a waterpark near my home. They were looking for pool staff to assist the lifeguards. Swimmers only. Uniforms would be provided.

I always liked the idea of getting wet in clothes, but was never allowed by my parents to do it. My mother told me that I will not be asked to jump into the pool, and that I should go wearing my smart rugby shirt and chino pants. I said I may have to jump into the pool, but she said they wouldn't ask for that.

So I took her advice and went in my red rugby shirt over a white T-shirt and white chino pants, looking good. I always wanted to get wet in these clothes, hoping that today might be my chance.

Job Briefing

Andrea, the duty manager showed me around the park with several pools. She explained how it all links together for a great visitor experience. It was a very colourful scene, not just the rides and pools in the park, but also the great variety of swimming clothes.

Lifeguards and assistants were on poolside and in the water near the slides. All staff were dressed in nice, quick drying uniforms. Some wore shorts and polo shirts, others in long pants and hooded tops, depending where in the park they worked. It all looked very happy and promising.

The extra pool staff they were hiring was to assist the lifeguards in the water, helping people resurface after dropping off the end of the slide, or at many of the other attractions.

I asked her what the dress code for the pool was. She said the water park allowed visitors to wear clean clothes in the water. Many of the swimmers wore sports shirts and shorts, some sported tracksuits or jeans and hoodies.

Swim Test

Sure enough, I was asked to change into swimming clothes and show how well I could swim. Since I didn't bring any swimwear, I was told to go into the pool in my clothes. Hey, what a great feeling that was at I climbed down the steps into the water. I never thought my clothes would feel this good in a swimming pool.

I swam several lengths like they asked me to. Andrea was quite impressed that I could swim in clothes and hired me because the job often involved swimming in uniform.

Lifeguards and pool attendants have to wear their uniform all the time to be recognised by the swimmers, even when working in the pool, like at the bottom of the slides.

Then she said I could stay in the pool for as long as I wanted and check out the rest of the water park. I was in wet clothes paradise, getting soaked at various attractions and watching other people swim and play in wet clothes. I ran around the park, went down slides, swam in all the pools and took many showers in my clothes.

When my mother came to pick me up, she was shocked when she saw me soaking wet and that I was asked to go into the pool with all my clothes on. I put on my rain poncho to protect the car seat and we quickly went home.

Into Our Pool Fully Clothed

After I got home (still fairly wet), I jumped into our backyard pool with all my clothes on to relax. One of my friends was at our house at the time, but he said he couldn't join me in the pool because his parents forbid the wet clothes stuff and he didn't have any swim shorts with him.

So I said: "Go to my room, pick some clothes you like and come swimming." A short moment later he came down with a big smile, dressed in my black jeans, T-shirt and yellow hoodie. It was a thrill to see him jump into the pool many times, with the hoodie clinging to him, and the jeans shining.

The next weekend he invited me over to go swimming at his home. What a suprise it was when I arrived and saw him in the pool fully clothed. Apparently his parents had given in after he too got a job at the waterpark.

So I quickly joined him in the pool wearing my jeans, T-shirt and anorak. After all, we had to practice our swimming and rescue skills. It's been great fun. Since then we always swim in our clothes. Why not?

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