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Spa Worker

by Tee from Chiang Mai, Thailand

Working at a health spa is a great job, but has long hours until late. Our visitors are mostly young professionals and digital nomads. We offer food, internet, bathing clothes, hot and cold pools, showers, and massages. My job is take care of guests, keep the place clean and do the maintenance. This involves going into the pools and baths many times a day.

shower in work clothes spa worker
My day begins with a long shower in my work clothes for hygiene reasons.

I have to go into the pools often and can't change into swimwear every time, so I have to wear clean work clothes.

spa worker showers in work clothes
Time to start my work. It is very warm in our spa so the wet clothes keep me cool, but dry out quickly. I enjoy several showers a day.

anorak pool black nylon jacket jeans wet clothes spa worker
My first task in the morning is to go into the pools to clean them from the inside before the guests arrive.

pool wet friends
Most guests bring their own bathing clothes.

spa modesty cape
Guests can buy or borrow from us long modesty capes, made of soft, breathable nylon. They reach below the knee and feel very cosy in the water.

anorak pool black nylon jacket jeans wet clothes spa worker
Whenever a guest leaves after their spa session, I have to go into that pool to clean up and check the taps, drains and water temperature.

For meal breaks I change into dry clothes. It's good to dry out once in a while. Before I go back to work I have to take another shower.

spa worker showers in work clothes
After work I rinse my clothes under the shower and hang them up to dry in the staff room.

When I'm not working I put on a bathing cape and relax in a pool or talk to the digital nomads and my friends.

I live in the spa, have a cosy bedroom on the top floor. It's a pleasant life among nice people.

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