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Working with Boats at a Beach Resort

by Diano, Mindoro, Phillipines

At our beach resort lots of small boats come in and go out all day long, taking tourists to secluded beaches nearby or to the snorkelling reefs.

wet work clothes on boat
This tourist got a hefty sunburn later.

My friends and I help the boats get on and off the beach safely and without damage. When they arrive or depart, we wade into chest deep water and guide them past underwater rocks.

One of us directs the boats into shore and and has to be very visible from the sea, so he wears a red poncho cape. That is usually my job.

wet work clothes

For all our beach work we wear thin nylon pants and anoraks to protect us from the sun, wind and rain. On cooler days we wear ponchos on top. These comfy clothes are very breathable, but no longer waterproof because we wear them in the sea every day.

wet clothes

It's nice that all our clothes dry quickly after each swim while we relax on the beach. If we get too hot, we just go and play in the water.

wet work clothes

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