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Wetland Research

Story by Sarawat, near Chiang Mai, Thailand

In the forests near my home are many lakes, streams and waterfalls to enjoy and have fun.

My friends and I do wildlife research around the Nam Tok Chet Si waterfall north of Chiang Mai, a beautiful place in the forest with many animals enjoying the spray from the waterfall which keeps them (and us) wet and cool.

hiking looking for water to cool off
In the hot weather we first look for a place to cool off.
hiking in wet clothes
Happy now that my wet clothes keep me cool, like air conditioning one can wear. I enjoy this very much.

Our Research Work

Once we've cooled off we venture into the water and look for wildlife. Our task is to monitor changes in health and population sizes. We use waterproof cameras for photos and phone apps to log our observations.

Wet clothes in the waterfall
I walk up and down through the waterfall spray and look for interesting wildlife.
Wet clothes in the waterfall
We go into the water a lot.
Wet clothes in the waterfall

Win is our Fearless Team Leader

He coordinates our research, picks the wetland areas we go into, and what species to focus on. Once he has defined our objectives, he sends us into the water for explore the area. Then he visits each of us in turn to help and assist, goes in and out of the water more than often than any of us. Most of the day he is dripping wet.

Win gets his clothes wet in the waterfall
Win always goes fully clothed into the water, looking good.
Win gets his clothes wet in the waterfall
He goes under the waterfall to stay cool in his wet clothes.
Win gets his clothes wet in the waterfall