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Inflatable Rafts

Whether you’re spending a weekend at the family’s lakefront cottage or floating on a river with friends, you’ll need a quality boat.

Problem is, most people aren’t out boating every weekend. We don’t have time and space to store a large canoe or a kayak at our apartments. Not to mention the car in the driveway can’t carry a full size boat.

I’m going to help guide you through the process of choosing a new inflatable boat. We’ll talk about some things to consider when purchasing a new boat.

Traditionally only hard bodied canoes and kayaks were easy to find and buy. Inflatable boats are a relatively new addition to the options available to get out on the water. The best inflatable rafts have to be sturdy, resilient, and puncture proof. With newer and better inflatable boats on the market today it’s easier to find a boat to fit your needs.

If you’ve never considered purchasing a new inflatable boat, there are a important few things to bear in mind.

Types of Inflatable Boats

Just like traditional hard bodied boats, inflatable boats come in many varieties. Whether you want a kayak, canoe, single or tandem there’s an option out there. But how do you know where to start?

Kayak inflatables are the smallest and most nimble boat available. They’re lightweight and will very easily fit in any vehicle when packed down. The smallest and lightest inflatable kayaks can even be packed into a backpack!

Canoe-type inflatable boats are generally a good choice for 1-2 people with some gear. A canoe can handle enough gear to comfortably go out on a day trip or multi-day canoe camping trip. These boats aren’t as small and agile as a kayak but the greater storage space provides more flexibility for boaters to choose their favorite activity.

Rafts and larger inflatable boats can handle up to half a dozen people or more. These boats are usually “party boats”, great for many soaking wet games or as bathing platform. Most inflatable rafts for recreational use feature additions such as coolers, cup holders, and often mounted oars.

Next step up would be a full-on river raft.