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Race Day Tips

Take photos of yourself before and after the race. You'll have more fun later.

Stay Hydrated

Drink half a litre (500ml) of fluid two hours before your run, then another 600ml of fluid for every hour that you exercise. You'll need more water during high humidity and hot temperatures. Drink the water they offer along the route.

Warm-ups and Stretching

Warm up your muscles before you begin any run. Warm muscles stretch with greater ease. Strength your muscles before and after you participate in the sport. This will improve your flexibility and reduce chances of injury.

Join a Team

Join a team or find a partner to run with. First-time mud runners may want to run with a friend. You are more likely to stay strong to the end when you have someone else running with you. Be sure the others on your team are at your same intensity level; don't pair a slow runner with other fast runners Ask for help along the route when you need it, there are lots of volunteers around


If you are serious about your race time, arrive to the start line early and try to start at the front of the race.

Listen to your body

Take breaks as you need them. Drink more water. Don't walk or slow jog down big hills, run and pass other competitors with caution.

Mud Pits

Don't run through the middle of the creeks or mud pits where they can get deep; run along the shallowest sides (edges) of the water obstacles. There may be unexpected divits and holes in the creeks and in the mud pits; proceed with caution.


When you crawl through the tunnels and under the wires, do a bear crawl. Do not crawl on your knees or you will scrape them on small rocks.