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Heavy duty navy rain gear

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Posted by Irving UK on August 26, 2019 at 07:01:08

Have not studied this rainwear and sport kits forum too closely before, although I now did and I then looked more carefully. It was thrilling and fascination.
I have always been a fan of “jeans and t-shirt/sweatshirt” and together with denim shirts and jackets that have been favorite outfit to get wet in.
But I have also many times enjoyed different trackies in the water or shower. Often with no under or nylon shorts. And other sports kits and often use padded cycling shorts under my jeans, especially when it is raining.
Some years back I saw a picture of a number of students at a university swimming pool. A company marketing sailing / navy rubber boots, which one could easily get rid of if you fell into the water from a boat. The students, around 10 of them, were also dressed up in Helly Hansen (or another similar brand) yellow rain and sailing pants and tops and the sailing boots to me promoted. They then jumped into the pool and swam around. I do not know what they had under, but swimming suits and t-shirts, I gesss.
I wanted to do something of the same. I did not have that kind of yellow outfit but I remember that I had seen something like it, although In a different colors. I started looking and found several and bought a yellow set. However I also ran across something else in a navy surplus shop. It was grey/dark blue green heavy duty rain pants and jacket. A kind of thick but still soft fabric. I started to grow excited on my way home. Although I had already tried out the yellow outfit in my tub and enjoyed it a lot, I wanted to be even more “crazy” this time- really crazy and challenging. Knowing about a somewhat remote place close to the water, with no people around and even with a small deck leading into the water I picked a rainy day and dressed up. Rather new Levis 501 jeans still a little “stiff”, commando, nothing under, a nice new blue/grey nylon t-shirt with a new denim Levis shirt and a red sweatshirt with Levis printed on the front. Then the green boots I had had for some which had “seen water before”. Then I collected spare clothes, two sets in a bag and set off for the remote place . Driving to it I got so excited that it was hard to control myself. But I managed, he he. Standing at the small deck I enjoyed the light warm rain.
Then I felt for even more craziness and while standing there I let the internal water go, “was going to get wet anyway so why not” he he.
Then I jumped into the water and it felt great with the water rushing in thru my clothes. I swam around a little and when wading ashore I felt to excited that I relieved myself in another way and really enjoyed it, if I may say so here in this forum. Coming ashore I relaxed a little and changed into dry clothes, this time with a contrast. I picked up heavy duty blue nylon board shorts. Washed out Levis 501 with holes on both knees, a grey heavy duty t-shirt and a green sweatshirt. And out my feet in some old sneakers. If you think I got wet again – you are right. First the rain a little and then I waded into the water and swam around.
After that I changed once more and drove home to dry all the wet stuff.

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