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Wet In Karate Suit

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Posted by Wet Dude on December 10, 2021 at 09:35:18

When I get wet me loves to get soaked in thin soft nylon outfits or football kit. I also like watching others thoroughly saturated in sports kit.

At the end of last summer I decided to visit my local sports shop to have a look at what outfits they had and would look great when they get wet. My first visit to a sports shop after the lockdown. Was wandering aimlessly around looking for the perfect kit to get wet in. Then I came to the martal arts section and seen some karate suits on display. Thoughts started to enter my head.
On occasions have seen people going to or from karate class with their karate suit on. Have also seen a few web pages and pics of people working out in the swimming pool or in the sea with their karate suit still on. Me has got to try getting soaked in a karate suit and wonder how it would feel? So I bought the largest size they had. The outfit comes with a karate jacket, karate trousers and a karate white belt. The material is plain white and very thick cotton. Thicker than a t shirt and miles thicker than my normal nylon kit that I get soaked in. Found out that the name for a karate suit is actually “Karate gi.” That roughly translates to “karate training gear.”

A week or so later on my day off it was time to baptize my new karate suit in the river. It was sunny and warm perfect day for playing in the river. Before leaving home I put on the full karate suit, white socks and trainers nothing under the karate jacket and no underwear. Had my rucksack with me with a packed lunch for later on. The karate suit was a little bit big on me but I like it baggy and felt good in it. Takes about 1 – 2 hours walk to get to the river. No one took any notice of me in my new karate outfit. The part of the river I like to play in is shallow and no large rocks. The base of the river is a mix of small stones and patches of soft mud. Arrived at the entry point in the river and stepped into the river. Socks, trainers and the bottom of the karate trousers now soaked. Continue walking in the river to a deeper section and out of sight of people. Took off my rucksack and put it on the edge of the bank out of the way. Next I kneel down in the water to get most of the karate trousers soaked. When I stood up I could see that they had gone transparent and my legs clearly visible through the white cotton. By now I was getting happy. :-) Next is to try out some press ups and get the karate jacket soaked going deeper into the water each time. By now most of my white cotton karate jacket and trousers have gone transparent and loads of water pouring off each time I stand up. This feels great and I am getting very happy. The last stage is to completely lay down on my back thoroughly soaking my new karate suit as the river flows over me. The river is deeper than my bath but my head is still out of the water and can spread out my arms and legs. Love the feeling of the thick cotton karate outfit floating around me. Spent most of the day in and out of the water. Had my packed lunch to warm up a bit then back in and out of the water. On the way back home no one took any notice of me in my soggy karate outfit but by then I had dryed up a bit and the wet white cotton was not as visible. When I got home had a long soak in the bath in my karate outfit to rinse out the silt from the river.

My question is has anyone got thoroughly soaked in a karate suit as part of training or just to try it out in the bath?

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