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Re: Pe at school

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Posted by JJ on July 28, 2021 at 11:00:02

In Reply to: Pe at school posted by Mrb1972 on July 25, 2021 at 22:22:24:

I went to my senior school at 13 in 1966 (it was a minor English public school) having attended a local Preparatory School before that where the only sport was PE twice a week and football once a week. At the senior school it was rugby cricket in summer) on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons and a PE lesson or swimming during Monday, Wednesday and Friday. PE kit was white cotton shorts and a white vest with plimsolls. The shorts were reaslly short compared to what I had worn for football, or indeed for rugby, and our PE teacher insisted that nothing was worn underneath and would patrol to the changing rooms to enforce the rule - his favourite phrase seemed to be "Let the air circulate, boys, it's good for the testes to keep cool, makes you virile!" - and at the end of each lesson he would tell us to go to the outdoor pool and jump in and swim a length before changing back into uniform for the following lessons. The white PE kit turned completely transparent when wet, so there was never any hiding of your bits and bobs. Swimming classes were also done in the nude for the first couple of years and then we were allowed to wear trunks (like Speedos but not that brand) that were thin nylon type fabric but had no liner. They were bad enough when dry but as soon as they got wet they clung and shone wetly, revealing everything. Just before my last year at the school this PE teacher retired and we got an ex-Army PE trainer as a replacement and everything changed with us all having to get proper decent kit for PE and swimming. About ten years after I left school I saw that first PE teacher featured in a press report when he was convicted of sex abuse cases against boys while teaching at the school he went to after he left mine. My friends and I never had any problems with him but we did always think he was a bit odd to say the least.

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