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Re: A wet morning run with my son.

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Posted by Ry on July 02, 2021 at 03:41:10

In Reply to: A wet morning run with my son. posted by Tony on June 25, 2021 at 19:31:20:


Soz, do you mind me calling you DT (Dad Tony)? I’ll stop if you do?

WOW, what an experience 😲! Now I’ve been out in a few thunderstorms, one at skwl where we got absolutely saturated. I actually don’t really like being right in the middle …. it’s friggin scary stuff! I like wet poly stuff, like shirt and trackies. I also like wearing M&S ‘second skin’ boxers, they’re pretty good, especially wet. I know a few others here have started wearing them as well 😆! I’m not really a shorts person, I like the way wet trackies cling to my leg muscles … they wake certain other parts 😲💦!

A young boy, I think 10, was struck by lightning playing footie at a practice in Blackpool recently. It sounded very scary and sad 😞 ….. not something I’d like to be involved in, but I can see why Alfie would like to watch. But I’d like to be in a safe place first!

Alfie really is too nice for his own good. My older Bro, Jay, can be a really selfish pain … and WE let him know it as well 😆! Looks like you might be in for some heavy rain this weekend for running. I like being in the pool when it’s absolutely hammering down and ducking under water and watching the patterns as the rain beats down on the surface. My Bros call me weird as well … but then it’s a pretty common phrase that kids use. We often call each other ‘weirdos’ or ‘muppets’ or ‘bell end’ or ‘plonker’. For a high flying Solicitor you seem VERY down to earth! Do you think any of your boys will become Solicitors and join the firm?

Safe, Ry.

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